TNA’s New Knockout Brittany: Should We Be Excited?

I’m not prone to simplifying women’s wrestling any more than one should, but female wrestlers generally come in one of two flavors: the former models brought in to sell merch, and the genuinely talented wrestlers.

You can guess which I prefer. In TNA, anytime a new Knockout debuts, the first thing I look for is which category they fit into, and in Brittany’s case, this is sort of a difficult task.


Her in-ring style is weak in places, but generally she is fairly solid. At only 25 years old, she also has plenty of time to improve her all-around game. She’s very athletic, and her handspring splash is a thing of beauty. She was also ranked in the top 50 female singles wrestlers of 2013 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, so there is definitely a lot of potential here.

She has appeared in TNA before in their series of ‘One Night Only’ PPVs,having faced Miss Tessmacher in a decent bout which you can see below.

Her indy work under the name Santana Garrett also impresses, but facing off against less experienced opponents does expose her shortcomings on occasion. She has appeared in CZW, USWA, and SHINE, to name a few promotions. Here she faces Justine Silver in USWA during her recent title run with that company, for whom she still remains Women’s Champion.

And here against Christina Von Eerie, who you may remember as Toxxin from when she teamed with Ink Inc in their feud with Mexican America a few years ago (not that anyone wants to remember Mexican America, but sadly they’re burned into our memory).

She does lack originality in terms of her image, somehow managing a cross between Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. While there are certainly worse female wrestlers to model oneself after, I would like to see her develop her own look at some point.

TNA seems to be putting immediate faith in her, giving her a debut win over Gail Kim, albeit thanks to miscommunication between Kim and her bodyguard, Lei’d Tapa. Keep an eye on this one, because she might just surprise you. Being around veterans like Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and the recently returned Angelina Love will give her a lot of learning opportunities. In short, all the ingredients are there for Brittany to be a big success, but she needs to work hard to erase all of the sloppy mistakes and inject a bit of energy and intensity into her performance.

What do you think? Are you excited about Brittany? Join the discussion, won’t you?

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