Bigo Live से विडियो काॅल कैसे करते है (hindi ) | live call unknown cute girl | how to use bigo app |

Bigo Live से विडियो काॅल कैसे करते है (hindi ) | live call unknown cute girl | how to use bigo app |

1 bigo app kaise use kare
2 how to use bigo live application
3 best live app bigo live

App link –

Info source play store bigo app
1. You can start a private Audio LIVE now.
2. Family members can chat freely in Family Group Chats.
3. Tap on the broadcaster scrolling banner to enter the announced braodcast! Go and cheer on for your beloved broadcaster!

Live Videos, Live Chat💬, Meet New People & Make Friends💕

Go live on BIGO LIVE – the most popular live streaming app in India.

On BIGO LIVE, you can go live to get many fans, live talk with your friends, video chat with new friends all over the world, and watch many wonderful live videos all the time.

• Available in 150+ countries.
• Over 200 million users worldwide!
• Get Featured in Google Play 185 times.

Don’t wait – Join BIGO, broadcast your life, gain many fans, receive gifts and be an idol easily.

⭐️「Creative Live Streaming」⭐️

🔥Free Education Channel
BIGO LIVE is starting with free English and soft skills training classes through live streaming and aims to include other subjects gradually.

🔥Free Live Astrology Consultation
Are you concerned about your Career, Education, Finance, Marriage, Relationships or Health? Get instant answers by professional astrologers on BIGO LIVE.

💞Relationship Advice
Need love advice? Ask the Love Guru’s on BIGO.

🎤Pranks And Outdoor Activities
Watch live Prank on BIGO and enjoy outdoor activities live Singing, Dancing, chit-chat with Public on interesting topics.

⭐️「Main Features」⭐️
Go Live
– Singing, dancing, talking, playing games… Just 1 touch to go live! Once your face is recognized during live streaming or video chatting, beauty effect will be applied automatically.
– Show you talents and get more followers.

Watch Live Streams
– Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers and singers, big eaters, comedians, teachers, etc. present you amazing live streams and live videos 24 hours.
– Watch live streaming of popular games, such as PUBG, LOL, RoV, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival and more.
– Besides interacting with your favorite broadcasters you can unlock items, join live events, level up, earn rewards and send virtual gifts.

FREE Live Video Chat & Voice Chat
– Invite friend to start 1:1 online video chat.
– Create group video chat or video call with up to 9 people in Multi-guest Room.
– Choose group voice rooms from thousand live rooms daily, filter rooms by countries or topics.
– Want to chat with strangers or start a random chat? BIGO can match you with Indians or people around the world.

Try PK challenge and have fun with your friends on BIGO LIVE! Broadcasters who get more attraction points will win the PK while losers have to receive punishments.

Game Center
Feeling tired from live streaming? Take a break in the Game Center! You can play with your friends or families with Ludo, Snakes & Ladders and Sheep Battle. All of them are perfect time pass games.

Official Website:
Facebook: @bigoliveapp
Twitter: @bigoliveapp
Instagram: @bigoliveapp

Your feedback helps us improve BIGO LIVE. If you have any questions, please contact us at




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