What You Need To Know About Football Value Bets

If you are just starting out in football betting, then you may have heard the term value betting from the pro bettors. In reality, the key to get successful betting and earn continuously form the betting is to depend on the value betting. But do you know what is value betting and how it is so important in today’s betting world? The value betting is the way to find the outcome which has greater chances of winning from the suggested odds. This is why the seasoned bettors bet only when they find a value betting.

For example, if you toss a coin then there will be two probability or possible outcomes, head and tail. So the probability of either outcome is 50%. So we can get the odds as 100/50 = 2.

So if you have two bookmakers in the market and are offering odds as,

Bookmaker A:  1.90 and Bookmaker B: 2.10 on landing heads, so when you want to bet on the chances of landing heads then you have to calculate the value of it.

So let’s calculate the value of the outcomes for the bookmaker A’s odds as,

(Probability multiplied by the decimal odds) minus 100% or (50% multiplied by 1.90) – 100% =    -5%.

And in case of the second bookmaker, the value comes to (50% multiplied by 2.10) – 100%    =    5%.

So it is evident with the result that the bookmaker B is offering more value of landing heads against the decimal price of 2 and thus you should go with the B instead of bookmaker A.

With the value betting, you can have clear idea that which bookmaker is giving more opportunity to get better earning and for which one you should choose against the given odds.